Napa Sanitation District: 7/19/2017


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Regular Meeting on June 21, 2017.

Supporting Documents
A Draft Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 59 kb )


Receive County of Napa Voucher Register Dated 6/6/17 through 7/3/17.

Supporting Documents
A Voucher Register ( Adobe PDF - 131 kb )
B US Bank Charges ( Adobe PDF - 158 kb )
C Budget Transfer ( Adobe PDF - 97 kb )


Adopt Resolution approving and adopting the new pay schedules for FY 2017-18, effective July 1, 2017.

Supporting Documents
A Hourly Salary Schedules for F/Y 2017-18 ( Adobe PDF - 200 kb )
B Monthly Salary Schedules for F/Y 2017-18 ( Adobe PDF - 198 kb )
C Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 32 kb )


Reject bid and authorize Staff to negotiate bid with NorCal, delay project, or authorize NapaSan to perform work using NapaSan crews for the Upper Lateral Basin L Pilot #2 Project (CIP 17702).

Supporting Documents
A Project Area Map ( Adobe PDF - 1813 kb )


Concur with CEQA determination in City of Napa Resolution R2016-79, prepared and adopted by the City of Napa, Lead Agency under CEQA for the development project; set bond amount at $263,600; and authorize Chair to execute the Improvement Agreement for West Pueblo Estates Project.

Supporting Documents
A Improvement Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 204 kb )
B Project Location Map ( Adobe PDF - 67 kb )
C City of Napa CEQA Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 196 kb )


Receive General Manager's Report for May 2017.

Supporting Documents
A General Manager's Report for May 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 359 kb )


1) Conduct the Public Hearing on the Written Report Containing a Description of Each Parcel of Real Property within the District Receiving Sewer Services and the Amount of the Charge for Each Parcel for FY 2017-18;
2) Hear and Consider any Protests;
3) Determine Whether There is a Majority Protest; and,
4) If There is no Majority Protest, Adopt the Attached Resolution.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 12 kb )


First reading of Ordinance, amending District Code 1.02 Definitions and Section 5.02 Capacity Charges to revise charges applied to accessory dwelling units.

Supporting Documents
A Ordinance - Redline Version ( Adobe PDF - 81 kb )
B Ordinance - Clean Version ( Adobe PDF - 74 kb )


Receive presentation from staff on Asset Management Program, discuss and provide direction to staff.

Supporting Documents
A Asset Management Program Presentation ( Adobe PDF - 1474 kb )
B Asset Management Plan - Technical Summary ( Adobe PDF - 434 kb )


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute Task Order 56 with GHD to provide consulting services for Phase 1A - Asset Management Program Implementation in the amount of $145,000.

Supporting Documents
A GHD Task Order 56 - Phase 1A AMP ( Adobe PDF - 940 kb )


Receive presentation from staff on sewer service charges and capacity fee methodology study and provide direction.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 393 kb )


Elect Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Napa Sanitation District.


North Bay Watershed Association (7/07/17)

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