Napa Sanitation District: 6/6/2018


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Regular Meeting on May 16, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A Draft Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 51 kb )


Receive County of Napa Voucher Register Dated 5/1/18 through 5/21/18.

Supporting Documents
A Voucher Register ( Adobe PDF - 128 kb )


Authorize out-of-state travel to New Orleans, Louisiana for General Manager Tim Healy, Director of Operations Jim Keller, Plant Maintenance Supervisor Mark Egan, Technical Services Director/District Engineer Andrew Damron, Senior Civil Engineer/Capital Program Manager Matt Lemmon, and Director of Administrative Services Jeff Tucker for the purpose of attending the 91th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) from September 29 to October 3, 2018.


Approve Attached Side Letters No. 4 regarding leave balance conversion from fiscal year to calendar year to the Memorandum of Understanding with Teamsters Local 315, Rank & File and Supervisors Units; and Association of Management Professionals of Napa Sanitation District.

Supporting Documents
A Teamsters MOU - Side Letter #4 - Redline Version ( Adobe PDF - 18 kb )
B Teamsters MOU - Side Letter #4 - Clean Version ( Adobe PDF - 15 kb )
C AMPNSD - Side Letter #4 ( Adobe PDF - 16 kb )


Approve attached revisions to Human Resources Policy #310 on Specialty Pay.

Supporting Documents
A Specialty Pay Policy ( Adobe PDF - 124 kb )


Approve the attached amendment to the VALIC Basic Plan Document for Section 457 (b) Deferred Compensation Plan.

Supporting Documents
A Proposed Amendment ( Adobe PDF - 62 kb )
B Current VALIC Contract and Plan Documents ( Adobe PDF - 1027 kb )


Authorize Chair to execute the attached Amendment No. 10 modifying the annual rate of compensation to the Napa Sanitation Agreement No. 07-083 with Napa County to provide Information Technology Services for FY 2018/19.

Supporting Documents
A ITS Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 23 kb )


Authorize the surplus and sale at auction of the Vactor Combination Truck (vehicle #529).

Supporting Documents
A Surplus properrty Disposal Authorization ( Adobe PDF - 47 kb )


Concur with CEQA determination in City of Napa Resolution R2006-180, prepared and adopted by the City of Napa, Lead Agency under CEQA for the development project; set bond amount at $152,500; and authorize Chair to sign the Improvement Agreement for Foothill Estates.

Supporting Documents
A Improvement Agreement - Foothill Estates ( Adobe PDF - 347 kb )
B City CEQA Resolution - Foothill Estates ( Adobe PDF - 2155 kb )
C Area Map - Foothill Estates ( Adobe PDF - 726 kb )


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute a Work Order with VSS International, Inc. for the bid amount of $147,941 for the 2017 Collection System Rehabilitation Project Pavement Restoration (CIP 17708) and issue the Notice to Proceed, when appropriate.


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute Task Order 63 with GHD to provide Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) implementation assistance and program oversight in the amount of $169,957.

Supporting Documents
A Task Order - GHD ( Adobe PDF - 439 kb )


Receive General Manager's Report for April 2018.

Supporting Documents
A General Manager's Report for April 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 413 kb )


Receive update on the residential sewer service charge methodology study, and provide direction.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation ( Adobe PDF - 527 kb )


1) Adopt attached resolution approving the FY 2018/19 Operating and Capital Budget.
2) Adopt attached resolution directing preparation and filing of written report to collect sewer service charges on the tax roll for FY 2018/19.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation ( Adobe PDF - 817 kb )
B FY 18/19 Budget Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 520 kb )
C Tax Roll Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 12 kb )
D FY 18/19 Proposed Budget ( Adobe PDF - 10222 kb )


Authorize the General Manager to Enter into the Option to Lease Agreement with Ciel et Terre USA for a non-exclusive lease of the surface of Pond 4, the surface of the northern portion of Pond 3, the surrounding levees, a solar easement and a transmission easement for the purpose of installing a floating solar array.

Supporting Documents
A Option to Lease Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 2553 kb )


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute Task Order 1 with Woodard & Curran to provide engineering services to conduct a condition assessment and prioritization study for the 66-inch Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project (CIP 19701) in the amount of $210,859.

Supporting Documents
A Woodard & Curran Task Order 1 ( Adobe PDF - 362 kb )
B Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 706 kb )


Approve Project, concur with staff's CEQA Determination, and authorize the General Manager to issue Notice Inviting Bids for the Headworks Equipment Replacement Project (CIP 17726)

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 1092 kb )
B CEQA Notice of Exemption ( Adobe PDF - 14 kb )


Consider Attendance at the CASA Conference to be held in Monterey, CA August 8-10, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A CASA Preliminary Schedule ( Adobe PDF - 189 kb )
B CSRMA Program ( Adobe PDF - 140 kb )


Consider rescheduling the Regular meeting on June 20, 2018 to June 27, 2018, and cancel the Regular Board meeting on July 4, 2018 due to the holiday.


NBWRA Board Meeting (5/21/18)


Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3) of subdivision (d) of Section 54956.9: One (1) case.
Facts and Circumstances: Correspondence from Michael Rupprecht to Tim Healy dated May 3, 2018

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