Permits & Connection Information for Residents

Napa Sanitation District's engineers work with residents to ensure that their project can safely connect to the sewer system. When you apply for a permit at the City or County of Napa, if your project is in the NSD service area you may be directed to bring your project designs to the District as well. This also applies to any type of changes a home owner might make to their sewer lines. See our building/remodel/addition handout for more information.

The process for connecting to the Napa Sanitation District sewer system is guided by District Code Title 3. All sewer design and construction must conform to the ordinance and the District’s Sanitary Sewer Standards. Permits and processes described on the pages linked below are intended to be general information for typical applications. Please contact District Engineering staff at (707) 258-6000 for additional information or clarifications.

Permits for New Construction, Replacement & Repair

This section is where you can find information on permits for the repair or replacement of private lateral lines, permits needed for new construction and demolition permits.

For residents whose private sewer lateral needs to be repaired or replaced due to earthquake damage, the District will waive permit fees and inspection fees. Please note that a permit and inspection are still required - it is only the fee that is waived. Permits can be issued by an inspector in the field. For more information please call (707) 258-6000.

Sewer Connection Information

This is where you can find information on the Standard Specifications for connecting a new project to the sewer system, converting septic sytems to a sanitary sewer connection, and annexation into the NSD service area.