Sewer Service Charge History

Rate Changes for Sewer Service

On July 1, through 2016, the District adjusts the Sewer Service Charge based on the December Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers for the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area, calculated from December to December. The District sends a notice to all property owners each year when the Sewer Service Charge changes.

For most NSD customers, the Sewer Service Charge appears on the annual tax bill from Napa County as a line item labeled "NAPA SAN SEWER USE". Although it appears on your tax bill, it is NOT a tax. It is a fee for the service of collecting and treating the wastewater from your home or business. The District does not receive any property taxes.  This is the only fee associated with the collection and treatment of wastewater paid by homeowners and businesses.

Historic Sewer Service Charges are shown in the table below.

Sewer Service Charge History:




FY 2016-17 $554.88

FY 2015-16


FY 2014-15


FY 2013-14


FY 2012-13


FY 2011-12


FY 2010-11


FY 2009-10


FY 2008-09


FY 2007-08


FY 2006-07


FY 2005-06


FY 2004-05  


FY 2003-04


FY 2002-03


FY 2001-02


FY 2000-01


FY 1999-00


FY 1998-99


FY 1997-98


FY 1996-97