NSD Launches New Website

January  15, 2013

The Napa Sanitation District has launched an updated website, with improved access to the information that customers want most. The new website is located at www.NapaSan.com.

“We considered the questions our staff receives most often from customers, and reorganized the website to put that information up front and center,” explains Tim Healy, General Manager. What to do if your drains back up, how to sign up for sewer service, and Board meeting agendas are now easier to find.

The home page of NSD’s new website features the latest news, pollution prevention tips, and fun facts about wastewater treatment. You can use the website to learn about the fascinating wastewater treatment process (great for student reports), find out how to get a tour of the wastewater treatment plant, or learn about the people who serve on NSD’s Board of Directors.

Want to find out about reduced sewer service charges for low-income households? Always wondered how a sewer overflow protection device works? Where is the District currently working on the sewer system? And what is NSD doing to increase its energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? All this and much more can all be found at the new and improved website.

“We encourage our customers to take advantage of the easier access to information on our new website,” says Healy. “But we’re always happy to help out over the phone too.” The District can be reached by phone at (707) 258-6000.

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