NSD Welcomes New Treatment Plant Manager

January  30, 2013

James Keller has been hired by the Napa Sanitation District to fill the vacancy left by former plant manager Sharleen Maglione, who retired in December 2012 after 28 years with the District. Even with those big shoes to fill, the District was impressed with Keller’s qualifications. “We had over 20 people apply, and we interviewed six very qualified applicants,” affirms Tim Healy, General Manager. “The District is lucky to have found someone with such strong qualifications.”

Prior to moving to California, Keller worked at the Buffalo (New York) Sewer Authority for 27 years, finishing as the Plant Superintendant (equivalent to plant manager), and also spent 5 years at Erie County working in wastewater management. Keller’s professional focus has been on improved wastewater treatment efficiency through reduced electricity and chemical consumption.

Although the Napa wastewater treatment plant is a smaller operation than the one he managed in Buffalo (about one-tenth the size), Keller sees the challenge in learning a new system. He also acknowledges that with the smaller staff in Napa, his position here will have more responsibilities. “I’m impressed with the professionalism of the staff here, and their positive and progressive attitudes,” notes Keller.

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