NSD Cuts the Ribbon on New Administration Building and Corporation Yard

May  15, 2013

On May 15, City and County officials will join NSD staff in officially opening the District’s new Administration Building and Corporation Yard. The new facilities are located next to the District’s Soscol Water Recycling Facility wastewater treatment plant at 1515 Soscol Ferry Road in Napa.

The District’s current administrative building is located behind the new Century Theatres on Hartle Court. When this building was constructed in 1974, the wastewater treatment plant and corporation yard were also located at this site along Imola Road. Since then, all treatment operations have moved down to the plant’s current location just south of the Highway 29 Bridge.

The corporation yard, where sewer maintenance crews stage trucks and store spare pipe and other materials, was relocated into temporary buildings ten years ago to make room for the flood control project on the Napa River. “The railroad tracks,” recalls Tim Healy, NSD General Manager, “were relocated under the Maxwell Bridge and right through the middle of our maintenance building.” The Flood Control District compensated NSD for the loss of this building, and for land used as part of the flood control project.

“By moving our administration, engineering and collection system functions down to the treatment plant, we will make our operations more efficient,” notes Healy. “At the same time, we’re making the District’s Hartle Court property available for more appropriate uses.” The Gasser Foundation, which owns surrounding properties, has partnered with the District to obtain NSD’s Hartle Court property. The Gasser Foundation paid the District for four acres of land and agreed to be the project manager on a design/build project to construct the new administration building and corporation yard at the wastewater treatment plant.

The money received from the Flood Control District and from The Gasser Foundation totaled $7.4 million. The cost of building the new facilities was $7.1 million, meaning that no sewer fees were used to pay for the new buildings.

The sale of the Hartle Court property will allow The Gasser Foundation to develop the property as part of the Century Theatre retail complex, possibly including a hotel and health club. “It returns the property to private use, and will generate sales tax, property tax and possibly transient occupancy taxes for local governments,” explains Healy. “This project is a benefit to the District and The Gasser Foundation and provides additional local tax revenues, all without adding additional costs for our ratepayers.”

The new buildings also incorporate many green features, such as roof orientation to take advantage of natural light, light colored roofs to reflect heat, and highly efficient, sensor-controlled fluorescent lights. The administration building is surrounded by water efficient landscaping and a recycled water demonstration and memorial garden honoring Dr. Arthur Hemphill (1923-2001). Other green features include outdoor permeable patio pavers and a high efficiency HVAC system.

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