Stanly Ranch Connects to Recycled Water Pipeline

October  26, 2015

There’s something purple in the Stanly Ranch Vineyard – and it’s not just the grapes! Stanly Ranch Vineyard has officially converted to recycled water use for irrigation, and that water will be delivered through the purple pipes used to distinguish recycled water from potable drinking water.  Last week, final inspections and testing were completed to allow the delivery of recycled water to the 240-acre property.  Irrigation of the vineyard will result in conservation of roughly 60 acre feet (over 19 million gallons) per year of potable (drinking) water that the vineyard currently purchases from the City of Napa.


“This conversion allows the vineyard to use recycled water for irrigation in place of potable water,” said Tim Healy, Napa Sanitation District General Manager. “It’s about using the right water for the right purpose.  Using recycled water reduces the demand on city water, helps to meet water conservation goals, and it’s drought-resistant.”


Within the next year, over 100 additional users will connect to this recycled water pipeline that will deliver water for landscape and vineyard irrigation to the Carneros area.  This project is part of a 9-mile pipeline being constructed through a partnership between the Los Carneros Water District and Napa Sanitation District.  When completed, the pipeline will initially deliver up to 450 acre-feet (150 million gallons) per year of recycled water during the high-demand summer months with the capability to deliver more as recycled water becomes available.  Additionally, up to 400 acre feet (130 million gallons) per year will be delivered over the winter and stored within existing reservoirs for summer irrigation use.


The high-quality recycled water will come from the Napa Sanitation District Soscol Water Recycling Facility.  Recycled water is wastewater that has been highly treated and disinfected to provide a safe, non-potable water supply. NSD’s recycled water meets the stringent water quality guidelines set by the California Department of Public Health.


“We are thrilled to see this project come together. It shows what can happen when we can coordinate the strengths of both public and private entities,” said Rich Schaefers, vice president of viticulture for Silverado Premium Properties, owner of Stanly Ranch Vineyards. “We are pleased we could assist in providing a pathway across the Stanly Ranch for the recycled water pipeline for the benefit of Los Carneros Water District, Napa Sanitation District and most importantly, the environment.”


Napa Sanitation District provides wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution services to the residents and businesses in the City of Napa, Silverado Country Club, the Napa County Airport and several adjacent unincorporated areas. NSD also provides recycled water service to portions of southern Napa County. Covering 20 square miles, NSD has been serving the community since November 1945. For further information about the District, please see

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