Sewer Rate Discount for Low-Income Customers

March  16, 2012

 Low-income homeowners can reduce their annual Sewer Service Charge by 28% by applying for the District’s Low Income Program. This year the reduction is a savings of $126.38, resulting in an annual charge of $321.69 which will appear on their property tax bill. “Wastewater disposal is an essential basic service that protects public health,” notes District General Manager Tim Healy. “The District is committed to ensuring that this service is available at a reduced cost for our low-income customers.”

To qualify, applicants must live in the home they own and the total income of everyone living in the home must be 60% or less of the area median family income, which is determined by the current Napa Housing Authority income limits for 2012. The application deadline for the low-income discount is June 30, 2012. Even if residents have participated in this program in the past, they must apply each year to retain eligibility.

Also eligible for the Sewer Service Charge discount are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that provide housing to low income renters. The 501(c)(3) organization must rent 85% or more of each property applying to tenants that have household earnings of 60% or less of area median family income, which is also determined by the current Napa Housing Authority income limits.

The total household income threshold amounts, based on the number of people that live in the home, are as follows:

1 person - $36,180 5 persons - $55,800
2 persons - $41,340 6 persons - $59,940
3 persons - $46,500 7 persons - $64,080
4 persons - $51,660 8 persons - $68,220

Homeowners and 501(c)(3) organizations who wish to receive the discount must submit an application along with information that verifies their eligibility, such as tax returns and proof of non-profit status (for organizations). Applications are available on line at, or by calling (707) 258-6000.

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