Performance Measurement Report Shows District Progress

March  26, 2012

 The Napa Sanitation District just completed its second annual Performance Measurement Report. This “report card” evaluates the District’s operations, measuring how well it did in areas like strategies that promote organizational sustainability, effective financial management, efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

“In 2011, the District developed a Performance Measurement process to assess key attributes of our organization,” states Jeff Tucker, Chief Financial Officer. “This process helps us determine what we are doing well, and also identify areas where we could work on improvement.”

The Napa Sanitation District developed the Performance Measurement Report for its Board and the general public using a new framework for the evaluation of water and wastewater utilities. This new framework, called Effective Utility Management (EUM), includes 10 key attributes by which a utility should be evaluated. This framework was developed through cooperative efforts by industry professionals, professional associations, and regulatory agencies, resulting in a comprehensive evaluation tool.

The Napa Sanitation District is one of the first wastewater agencies in the country to use the EUM’s 10 Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities as the framework for measuring its performance. Tucker recently presented the District’s Performance Measurement Report at a national conference, and was assailed with questions from other sanitation agencies that would like to implement a similar process.

In the report, the District scored high in many areas, including wastewater treatment, reduction of sewer overflows, availability of recycled water, and reducing energy use while increasing energy efficiency.

An area highlighted for additional attention was succession planning. “We have many long-term employees with an incredible knowledge base,” explains Tucker. “Now we’re in the process of documenting that knowledge and those skills so that they can be retained when staff retires or moves on to other opportunities.” Click here to view a copy of the latest Performance Measurement Report.

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