Rates and Fees

Sewer Connection Information

Sanitary Sewer and Recycled Water Standards

NapaSan’s Sanitary Sewer and Recycled Water Standards (Standard Specifications) provide guidelines and requirements for the design and construction of sewerage facilities. This includes work on the entire sewer system from the point of connection to the building plumbing to the sewer main in the street. All new design and construction must meet the requirements set forth in the Standards. When you receive a permit from NapaSan for sewer system construction (e.g. to install and connect laterals or extend mainlines), your permit will reference the Standard Specifications appropriate to your project. 

Annexation Procedures:

Parcels annexed into NapaSan's service area must be located within the Sphere of Influence. To be annexed into the NapaSan service area, the applicant submits an annexation application to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). LAFCO forwards the application to NapaSan, where it is reviewed to define terms and conditions of annexation. These terms and conditions typically include paying the necessary fees and other sewer facility improvements that may be necessary to serve the area that will be annexed. Annexation requires NapaSan Board approval.

Septic System Conversions:

With the exception of a few parcels within NapaSan’s service area, converting from a septic system to the public sewer requires annexation into the NapaSan Sphere of Influence [See above]. Once the annexation process is completed, the applicant submits plans to NapaSan to connect to the sewer system, as described above. The County will inspect demolition of existing septic systems for projects that will connect to NapaSan’s sanitary sewer system.

NapaSan does not inspect septic systems that have failed and are being reconstructed; those inspections are conducted by the Napa County Planning, Building & Environmental Services Department’s Environmental Health Division