Programs for Students

Tours & Field Trips:

The Napa Sanitation District offers free tours of the Soscol Water Recycling Facility, a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. These tours are available for:
• Students of all ages, from elementary school to college level. We tailor the tour to your group.
• Organizations, service clubs, business and industry groups.
• Any group with an interest in wastewater treatment and water quality protection.

A tour of the Soscol Water Recycling Facility will satisfy your curiosity on these exciting topics, and more:
• Wastewater treatment
• Water recycling
• Biosolids reuse
• Pollution prevention
• Water quality protection

Flexible & Fun!

Our tours support California curriculum standards, and can be tailored to suit specific age groups, knowledge levels and interests. You’ll get an inside look at an essential community service and have fun at the same time!

Three-in-One Tours:

Interested in drinking water and recycling too? You can schedule a three-part field trip that includes tours of the wastewater treatment plant, the Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant (drinking water) and the Napa Recycling and Composting Facility. Bus stipends are available for school groups.

To schedule a tour of Napa Sanitation District’s wastewater treatment plant, please contact Stephanie Turnipseed, Outreach Coordinator, or call (707) 258-6002.

Classroom Presentations for K-6:

Interactive classroom presentations introduce elementary school students to the importance of wastewater treatment and what THEY can do to prevent pollution. In the presentation, your students will learn about:

  • Wastewater treatment: the good, the bad & the ugly!
    Recycled water - how it's treated and what it's used for.
    Biosolids - how sewage sludge becomes a soil amendment.
    The difference between wastewater and stormwater.
    What they can do to protect water quality and community health.
    To schedule a classroom presentation, please contact Stephanie Turnipseed, Outreach Coordinator, or call (707) 258-6002.

High School Pollution Prevention Audit Program

The Pollution Prevention Audit Program engages high school students in a hands-on project to identify and reduce sources of pollution at their school. The program guides students through a pollution prevention audit of their school that focuses on mercury and copper. These elements are targeted because of their toxicity to humans and wildlife, and because both have been identified as Pollutants of Concern for Bay Area wastewater treatment plants.

Participating in this project increases student awareness and knowledge about:
• The importance of pollution prevention
• Impacts of mercury and copper on the environment
• Common sources of mercury and copper
• Options for mercury/copper pollution reduction and prevention

To implement the audit, students are guided through three assignments:
1. Pollution Prevention: Students receive an overview of pollution prevention, collect baseline information on school water quality and develop a list of potential pollution sources.
2. Audit Checklist Development & Implementation: Based on the data gathered in Assignment #1, the students develop an audit checklist that identifies sources for mercury and copper and disposal methods.
3. Audit Report: This report will summarize the data gathered during the audit, and will also include recommendations for reducing pollutant sources and improved disposal methods.

The Napa Sanitation District can develop a student-run Pollution Prevention Audit for your high school. The District will provide a curriculum guide for teachers, assist with assignment implementation, and analyze water samples.

If you would like to implement a Pollution Prevention Audit at your school or would like more information, please contact Stephanie Turnipseed, or call (707) 258-6002.