Developers & Engineers

NapaSan's engineers work with developers to ensure that their project can safely connect to the sewer system. When you apply for a building permit at the City or County of Napa, if your project is in the NapaSan service area you'll be directed to bring your project designs to the District as well. This also applies to any type of changes a home or business might make to their sewer lines. 

Standard Specifications for Design and Construction

NapaSan’s Sanitary Sewer and Recycled Water Standards (Standard Specifications) provide guidelines and requirements for the design and construction of sewerage facilities. This includes work on the entire sewer system from the point of connection to the building plumbing to the sewer main in the street. All new design and construction must meet the requirements set forth in the Standards. When you receive a permit from NapaSan for sewer system construction (e.g. to install and connect laterals or extend mainlines), your permit will reference the Standard Specifications appropriate to your project.