NapaSan Construction Zones

NapaSan conducts a regular sewer system maintenance program. You may see us on the streets, repairing, replacing, or cleaning sewer lines or recycled water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to keep our system operating effectively! 

Refer to the information below to find out where our current construction projects are happening. If you have any questions or concerns, please call NapaSan at (707) 258-6000. 

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2023 Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Project

Project Manager: Gavin Glascott,

Current Construction Location: The week of June 5th, construction will occur in the following locations:

Tuesday 6/6

    Meek Avenue & Parker Court : Sewer main CIPP Lining

Wednesday 6/7

    H Street & Marin Street : Sewer main CIPP Lining

Thursday 6/8

    Morgan Lane & Waverly Street : Sewer main CIPP Lining

Thursday Night 6/8 – 6/9

    Freeway Drive & 2nd Street : Sewer main CIPP Lining

    Bel Aire Plaza & Baxter Avenue : Sewer main CIPP Lining

Project Background: NapaSan’s 2023 CIPP Lining Project will begin in March.   The project is essential to reduce the amount of maintenance calls, decrease the potential for sewer overflows in the project area, and improve the operation of our sewer system.

NapaSan’s contractor, Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corporation, Inc., will begin work at the end of March, and this work is expected to continue through October 2023. The project area was selected due to the deteriorated condition of aging sewer pipes and the high amount of inflow and infiltration of water into the sewer system during the winter months. Reducing infiltration into the sewer system helps to decrease the possibility of sewer overflows and stops clean rain and groundwater from flowing to NapaSan for unnecessary treatment.  

The majority of the rehabilitation work will target sewer mainlines in the street. Some areas will require sewer work in the back or side yard easements, for which additional outreach will be conducted. The lateral, or pipe, that extends from the sewer pipeline in the street to the property line will also be rehabilitated for certain areas, along with sewer cleanout installations or replacements.  Sewer cleanout installation or replacement involves digging a hole in the yard near the property line. Landscaping and hardscaping in the areas where digging take place will be restored to the satisfaction of the property owner. You will receive a door hanger the week prior to any work taking place that will notify you of the type of work to be done at your property.  

Some sewer pipes will be rehabilitated using cured-in-place pipe lining.  A glue-like odor caused by styrene may be observed while this work is being done.  To minimize odors, pour water down infrequently used drains to maintain a water barrier.  Keep windows closed while lining work is taking place to keep odors from entering buildings.  If you smell the styrene odor in your home, contact us at one of these numbers:

During work hours, call NapaSan Inspector Josh DeGarmo at (707)312-1613

After work hours, call NapaSan at (707)258-6000 x9.

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Questions?  Call Gavin Glascott at (707)258-6012. 

CIPP Lining Project Area Map