Recycled Water Upgrade Project

Soscol Recycled Water Pump Station Upgrade Project

Project Description:

NapaSan owns and operates the Soscol Water Recycling Facility (SWRF), which is comprised of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that produces recycled water, a recycled water pump station (Soscol Recycled Water Pump Station, or SPS) to distribute recycled water and two recycled water reservoirs to store recycled water post treatment and prior to distribution. The SPS currently consists of three 600‐Hp (horsepower) pumps (vertical turbine pumps), one 100‐Hp pump (jockey pump), valves, flow meters, and electrical controls equipment. 

To increase the redundancy and reliability of the SPS, the District proposes the Soscol Recycled Water Pump Station Upgrade Project. This project will replace the existing jockey pump, add new pumps, including a new jockey pump and an additional vertical turbine pump, as well as an additional pump bay.  These new components at the SPS will prolong the life of the current vertical turbine pumps and conserve energy during periods of lesser demand. Overall, the proposed project will benefit the District’s recycled water customers and provide additional drought resiliency by increasing the dependability of recycled water delivery.